Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's give Black Friday a new meaning

Somebody was remarking yesterday that "Black Friday" is a really stupid name (not to mention a very frustrating -- even dangerous -- experience for most participants). I know my little sister's out there shopping right now, and I love her and wish her the very best. But I couldn't agree more.

But bashing well-meaning shoppers who are doing their part to repair our nation's sagging economy isn't going to get us anywhere. So I have an idea, which I'm certain you have already figured out ...

Rather than bagging Black Friday altogether, why not turn it into an annual celebration (with some requisite commercialism, of course). I would go to a record store today to buy the latest Johnny Cash compilation. I'd maybe even purchase a poster, photo or T-shirt of the Man in Black. Hell, if there weren't so many zany shoppers dodging each other on the roadways and in the crowded stores and malls I'd go out there right this minute.

A national holiday for Johnny Cash. Think about it. Who is more deserving?

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