Friday, February 19, 2010

PSSST: Wait no longer for Greg Brown

We have a lame reason for not featuring Greg Brown previously as a PSSST (Personal Six String Sanctuary Tout): We couldn't decide among several deserving albums to put up on the board. But we can't wait any longer because the Iowa troubadour is back on tour soon and we need to get primed for one of his shows.

And we want to make sure you know what you'd be missing.

You may have heard Brown years ago on Prairie Home Companion, or you might have stumbled across him on the FM airwaves singing blues, country, folk or probably some mixture funneled through that incredible baritone voice. There's also a possibility you've never heard him before, which would be a damn shame -- and the reason we're not waiting another day.

Plus, we've already featured his daughter Pieta as PSSST No. 9. (Now don't be accusing us of putting the caboose before the engine.)

We're choosing Covenant, a sterling 2000 release produced by Bo Ramsey that showcases Brown's deft songwriting skills and impressive depth and, like a favorite bottle of single malt, tastes better every time you uncork it. It could've been Dream Cafe (1992), the Poet Game (1994), Slant 6 Mind (1997), Milk of the Moon (2002) or Evening Call (2006). They all reside in the SSS library and find a way into the rotation from time to time.

We're going to add an audio clip but for now here's the final verse from "Waiting On You," not nearly our favorite song from Covenant (that might be "Pretty One More Time" or "Walkin' Daddy" or "Rex Roth's Daughter" or the road trip classic "Blue Car." You see how difficult this is?) "Waiting On You" just happens to be playing at this particular minute, and the message is as crisp and clear as Brown's acoustic guitar:

One of these days I'm gonna go away from this
Without a why without a cry without a kiss
Then you'll know what it is with this deal
Then you'll feel what it is that I feel
And even if you don't
At least I won't
Be waiting on you

If you've ever been waiting on anybody, and we all have, you know how it feels.

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