Sunday, February 14, 2010

I (heart) this music

Today is Valentine's Day and there's really not much more for me to say, other than: Happy Birthday, Zachman. My son turns 25 today and I hope he gets off that destroyer in Pearl Harbor long enough to hoist a cold one.

You know the drill. If you didn't happen to think of the mood music, there is still time for that. Even if you're not in a relationship, your pet will appreciate you switching off the head-banger music for a day. Even goldfish are known to respond positively (not sure how, other than air bubbles) to music.

If you don't have pets then think about your plants, which also dig a good vibe. I swear my Norfolk pine did a lean toward the speakers yesterday after I put Ben Webster in the player.

(Click on the image above to discover what's on tap today.)

Here are 10 songs playing today at the Sanctuary that are in some way connected to the heart. Some are about love, and others speak to yearning and lust, or love lost. SSS, after all, is reality-based blogging. Take this verse from "Milk of the Moon" by Greg Brown:

I'm drunk on moonmilk, I'm high up in the air
Oh, woman, you are silk there and there and there
With a kiss you wake me up, you always leave too soon
As you go will you fill my cup with the milk of the moon?

That woman is gone, but what sweet residue.

1. Valentine's Day, Steve Earle
2. Two-Fisted Love, Phoebe Snow
3. Love is a Rose, Neil Young
4. My Funny Valentine, Chet Baker
5. God Only Knows, Beach Boys
6. Pretty Please, Blue Mountain
7. Let's Stay Together, Al Green
8. Real Love, Lucinda Williams
9. Milk of the Moon, Greg Brown
10. Baby You Got to Choose, Randy Weeks

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  1. Tough to pick 10 and stick to them. And an eclectic list it is, considering that so much music is above love won and lost.

    I'd go with Les Baxter's "Unchained Melody," the Ronettes' "Be My Baby," and Vicki Carr's "It Must Be Him."