Monday, February 15, 2010

Prettiest song we've ever seen

Dream on, dream on teenage queen
Prettiest girl we've ever seen ...

"Ballad of a Teenage Queen" was the No. 1 song on the country chart on this day in 1958. Imagine that.

Many of you weren't born and the rest of us, damn, we were 52 years younger. One of those already alive and kicking was legendary Cowboy Jack Clement, who is old enough to have worked the mixing boards at Sun Records back when Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were in their fermentation stages.

With history like that you can imagine the stories that come out of the Cowboy's mouth, and he tells 'em as good as anybody. In fact we thought we'd try track down the maverick writer/artist/producer today and see what he has to say about "Ballad of a Teenage Queen."

In the meantime, here were the songs -- in succession -- that made it to the top of the country chart during '58. It was a memorable year for Cowboy, who also wrote Cash's other No. 1 song "Guess Things Happen That Way."

1. The Story of My Life, Marty Robbins
2. Great Balls of Fire, Jerry Lee Lewis
3. Ballad of a Teenage Queen, Johnny Cash
4. Oh Lonesome Me, Don Gibson
5. Just Married, Marty Robbins
6. All I Have to Do is Dream, Everly Brothers
7. Guess Things Happen That Way, Johnny Cash
8. Alone with You, Faron Young
9. Blue Blue Day, Don Gibson
10. Bird Dog, Everly Brothers
11. City Lights, Ray Price

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