Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reconsidering Jackson Browne

Call me Rip Van Strumbum: I just stumbled across this video of Jackson Browne performing "Here," which he wrote for the movie Shrink. Maybe you've seen the flick (I haven't), watched the video or heard the song. Other than the artist's dust-up with John McCain and the Republican National Committee for filching "Running On Empty" in 2008 I hadn't been paying much attention, yet...

Browne has always been an artist with a cause, not necessarily his own, which separates him from the pack. His political views and causes never seemed to get in the way of his work. And his longevity, which is now impressive, is even more inspiring when you consider his consistently excellent catalog of music.

It's been a long time since "Doctor My Eyes." For those of you who weren't around in 1972 let me just say he was a welcome sight on the music scene. His early albums were excellent: Jackson Browne, For Everyman, Late for the Sky, The Pretender -- one of the best ever -- Hold Out, Lawyers in Love, Lives in the Balance ... I lost track after those. It happens.

But Browne has never stopped, and now after watching that video maybe it's time to fill in some blanks. A good place to start might be Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2007, three years after his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The dude is 61 and still bringing it. It's possible I'm the only one who wasn't paying attention.


  1. Filling in the blanks is always a good thing. Both Solo Acoustic releases show that his abilities to craft a good song didn't end in the 70's. And don't neglect giving a listen to the band records from this century for their nice layering of sound.

  2. Now playing: Late for the Sky. Thanks for dusting it off.