Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sacrilege in Cheeseland

Game face on? I've got my game heart on -- right on my green shirt sleeve, where you can always find it on football Sundays.

Robert: Tell me they aren't hyping the Vikings-Packers in Abu Dhabi, where the game must kick off at, what, 11:15 p.m.? Is it even being televised in the Middle East?

Psycho: Vikings fans don't really LIKE Brett Favre, do they? How is that possible, after hating him all these years? They've got Adrian Peterson, the best back on the planet, yet they're parading around in purple No. 4 jerseys -- worshipping the biggest nemesis they've ever known. There's something wrong with that mentality. Something we learned in Sunday school about worshipping false idols...

Charles: Since when is a game from the NFC's North Division bigger than the Giants-Eagles on the East Coast?

Matt: What's your Bear-blooded take on this one? You want Favre to punk the Packers, right? But then the Vikings will be on a runaway train to the Super Bowl, won't they? I don't think you can win this one.

No matter where you are, you have not been able to escape the endless chatter and buildup surrounding Favre's return to Lambeau Field. Imagine being right here in Wisconsin, close to Ground Zero. To write any more would be to contribute to the hype. Thanks for that extra hour, though. The media has been taking full advantage.

I just wanted to make sure you to know where I stand on this...


  1. Sorry to disappoint you, Jimbo.
    There's a story on Favre's "bitter homecoming" in today's National sports section, by the esteemed Ron Borges.
    Complete with a 3-column color photo of the guy in the No. 4 purple jersey.
    The game kicks off at 1:15 a.m. here, and will be shown live on ESPN America.

  2. It's ever-so-slightly possible that the proliferation of "4" jerseys at the expense of "28's" has a wee bit to do with skin hue. But whatever the motivation, it makes me wanna pull out Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic."
    Today's game hinges not on Fav-ray or his worthy successor, but on both team's pass rushes. That was the biggest mismatch and the tipping point of the earlier encounter.
    Should be a danderoo.

  3. Nice color scheme, dude.

  4. Hey, you have a lot of company -- there's even a Judas Favre web site!

  5. Giants-Iggles must still be big in these parts, it's on at 1.

    But of course that's not even the biggest game of the day featuring a NJ team. That would be the Dolphins at Jets.

    Why do I say this? When I was growing up the Dolphins were the only pro team in the state. Plus they trained at St. Pete beach for a few years. When I was at USF they didn't have football and the other Fla. college teams sucked so we watched the Dolphins every Sunday. They were our team and they gave us two Super Bowl wins and an undefeated season. That earns a lot of loyalty.

    The point of this meandering comment is that team loyalty runs deep, whereas most people only like individual players because they play for their team. If Tebow played for Georgia I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stand the guy.

    So I'm not surprised that Vikings fans are embracing Favre, just as Green Bay fans are denouncing him. You can't help how you were raised.

  6. I really can't win, but the Favre lovefest has gotten to the point that I'm, uh, rooting for the Packers. (an't believe I just typed that). Luckily, the Bears have shown me they're not sniffing the playoffs, so I can focus on what's important -- the prima donna getting his today. BTW, did I ever mention I thought Favre was a tad overrated? Not that the horde of sycophants masquerading as national sports journalists would acknowledge it happened, but I would LOVE to see Favre put in his place. A 6 INT game maybe? It's happened before. I'll leave you with my favorite part of this week's coverage leading up to the game. Last night, I'm flipping through the channels and I come across Peter King "analyzing" the game. He "reports" that he recently talked to Favre and Favre "reminded him he was pretty good in big games." Oh, did he now? Thanks, Peter. Wonderful insight. Yeesh.

  7. I watched last week's Vikings-Steelers game with a lifelong Vikings fan.
    He did not seem the least bit concerned the No. 4 used to be the enemy.