Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where are you Little Star?

Michael Jackson would have been 51 today. Strange, but on his day of birth the No. 1 song in America was "Little Star'' by the Elegants.

It was a pretty fair adaptation of the nursery rhyme, and if you even consider the possibility of cosmic connections you can't help but wonder if the song was a special delivery for the coming King of Pop. The Elegants never had another hit, in fact, they never even charted with another song -- making them bone fide one-hit wonders.

Where are you little star?
(Where are you?)

Whoah oh, oh, oh-uh-oh
Ratta ta ta too-ooh-ooh
Whoah oh, oh, oh-uh-oh
Ratta ta ta too-ooh-ooh

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Wish I may, wish I might
Make this wish come true tonight
Searched all over for a love
You're the one I'm thinkin' of

Surely some radio station in Gary, Ind., was playing that song on Aug. 29, 1958. And baby Michael must have been listening.

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