Saturday, August 8, 2009

The journey begins

Road trip!!!!

So what would be your top 10 CDs to get you down the road? If you're like me, that's an ever-changing list. Lots of variables to consider: time of day -- or night, or season -- destination, vehicle, traffic, terrain, passenger list. Probably even moon phase.

But I'm already making this too difficult. Let's just say I packed TWO CD cases, and every disc will get some play somewhere along the way.

Maybe it's better to ask the question at the end of a journey, after you've had time to test drive all the music you played along the way.

But you have to start somewhere, so here the first six in the player:

1. Blue Mountain, Omnibus
2. Graham Parker, Mona Lisa's Sister
3. Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense
4. Robert Kiyosaki, Take Control of Your Life
5. Derailers, Reverb Deluxe
6. Cesaria Evora, Cafe Atlantico

Wait, I'm not ready to take control of my life. Substitute the motivational speaker for Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde.''

Heck of a mix. Don't know if any of those will still be standing by the end of the trip, but they should get me halfway to Lookout Mountain...

1 comment:

  1. Love the Talking Heads. I'd go on the road with Autobahn by Kraftwerk, Voodoo Lounge by the Rolling Stones, Nilsson Schmilsson by Harry Nilsson, and anything from the prime of the Allman Brothers Band.