Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sure gonna miss her

As if the heavy burdens of the world aren't pressing hard enough on our tired shoulders. What are we to make of the news that Paul Abdul will be leaving "American Idol''?

I started reading this morning and almost spilled my coffee upon discovering that Paula was a judge on the show! All this time I thought she had been a recurring contestant whom they kept bringing back because they felt sorry for her.

All kidding aside, I love Paula Abdul. But you know it's the beginning of the end for FOX's wildly popular show. It's all about chemistry, and "Idol" had it before adding a fourth banana to its judging lineup last season.

Remember what happened to ABC's Monday Night Football after Howard Cosell left the show? In 1983 ABC added O.J. Simpson to the booth, joining Cosell, Frank Gifford and Don Meredith. The next season Cosell was gone.

One key difference: Humble Howard didn't announce his departure on Twitter.

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  1. Kinda ditzy but she made more sense than the one who took her place.