Monday, August 17, 2009

Home is where the cheese curds are

MILWAUKEE, WIS. -- Ten very good reasons to make Wisconsin a summer destination, in reverse pyramid style:
10. The garage door at the Schuster Mansion in Milwaukee. (The historic B&B offers many other wonderful features, but you have to book a reservation there yourself to find out.)
9. Miller Park, where you can arrive one hour before a night sellout with the roof open and still score an outfield field level seat for $20.
8. The sausage races at Miller Park, especially when they run a special relay race.
7. The seventh-inning stretch, where "Take Me Out to the Ballgame'' is a mere prelude to the "Beer Barrel Polka.''
6. Sweet corn in season.
5. Batter-fried cheese curds, the most fabulous new item on the menu at the Rock Bottom Brewery.
4. A drive along Milwaukee's Lakeshore Drive, where seriously undertanned folks strip down to nothing even when it's cold and windy because it's their beach and their summer and nothing's going to ruin it for them.
3. Madison's State Street, the coolest stretch of shops and bars and Bohemian culture in the Midwest.
2. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Sunday print edition, definitively answering the question ''Why read newspapers?''
1. Must-have T-shirts, including this one from Sconnie Nation: A picture of former Packers QB Brett Favre overprinted on the state of Wisconsin, with the words "We'll never forget you Brent''

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