Friday, January 22, 2010

Everybody knew this was nowhere

Although I haven't been watching his show recently, I'm going to miss Conan O'Brien. (Funny, I was a regular viewer when he had the later night slot. Go figure.) But I'm not going to worry about him. He's $30 million richer (after the payout to his staff) and he'll certainly resurface with a new show on a different network later this year. Take the money and run? Hell yeah, to the best offer out there.

Comedians have to have their yuks. It was pretty cool how Johnny Carson was able to ride into the sunset and never look back -- not even come back for a guest appearance. But Carson had thrown a life and career into the business. Conan's age (he'll be 47 in April) and ego won't allow him to kick back for long. And that's a good thing.

SSS hates I Told You Sos, but we warned you more than a year ago this was an experiment doomed to fail. The proof is in the pudding. It was an effort at the time to infuse the blogosphere with some sorely lacking solutions-oriented journalism! Don't bother going back now, but we suggested these shows alter the format that trots out musical guests at the end, when there's barely time for a handshake or backslap and the artist often has a surprised look that says: "Huh, that's really it?" I watched Ringo close out one of Jay Leno's shows this week and while the music didn't move me, I really wanted to hear an ex-Beatle tell us how things are going.

After having Barry Manilow as his penultimate musical guest Thursday, Conan reportedly is going out with Neil Young tonight. (Please don't give us John Mayer doing another lame spoof song.) It's only wishful thinking that Young would do "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere." And I don't suppose Neil would want to say much, but if he did I'd give him the stage.

Even if it was my last show. Especially if it was my last show.


  1. I'll try to stay awake for that.

  2. Conan was never going to work earlier with the demo NBC had been pulling. Hopefully Fox or whoever picks him up gives him back his mojo and lets him trot out more Pimpbots and Masturbating Bears.

    How about a late-night show with JUST music. That I will watch.