Friday, January 15, 2010

VERY wholesome

How wholesome was entertainment on the Ed Sullivan Show? I had forgotten, until I began reading recaps of the programs. On the night the Rolling Stones performed "Let's Spend SOME TIME Together" -- that's right, it had to be watered down for the TV censors -- also appearing were nuns who sang a medley that included "Kumbaya."

Here's a synopsis of that historic show, which aired on this day in 1967. Now we'll still take the Stones any place, any time, any lyrics. But this is not the sort of programing that would have saved Jay Leno's spot on prime time:

--The Rolling Stones: "Ruby Tuesday" & "Let's Spend Some Time Together" (censored version of "Let's Spend the Night Together").
--Petula Clark: "Elusive Butterfly" & "Color My World."
--Sisters of St. Benedict: Nuns from Erie, Pennsylvania; a.k.a. Sisters '67 - sing a show tune medley: "It's a Lovely Day," "Consider Yourself" & "Kumbaya."

--Allan Sherman: (stand-up comedian)
--Alan King: (stand-up comedian) - routine about family members
--The Muppets: Kermit plays the piano & sings.

--The Michael Bennett Dancers: Clog dancer routine
--The Monroes: balancing act from Madrid, Spain
--On film: Footage of a 14-year-old waterskiier, Ricky McCormick, doing stunts at Cypress Gardens, Fla.
--Audience bow (cameo): Miriam Colon, Puerto Rican star

Worth noting: The commercials that aired immediately after the Stones' appearance were Geritol Iron & Vitamin tablets and Sominex sleeping tablets.

I'm getting very sleepy...

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