Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Might as well admit it...

Time to come clean: I had the hots for Shelley Fabares.

I realize how this dates me. You'd have to remember "The Donna Reed Show" to recall how wholesomely hot Fabares was playing the daughter in the popular situation comedy. Truth is, she was way too old for me -- and still is (she has 66 candles to blow out today!) Now this infatuation ended about the time I got my first Daisy BB gun, but for a short spell there...

Fabares never considered herself a singer, in fact was terrified by the idea, but she nevertheless wound up with a No. 1 record in 1962 after the producer decided to add songs for her and Paul Peterson during the show's third season. "Johnny Angel" featured Glen Campbell on guitar with Darlene Love providing backing vocals.

Reluctant as she was, I don't think Fabares would mind if we relegated her to backup vocals today as we unveil another Birthday Band, comprised of artists born on January 19. We already have a pretty strong stable of female voices, and a whole lot more. The group:

Janis Joplin (1943-1970): Singer, Big Brother and the Holding Co.

Shelley Fabares (1944):Actress, The Donna Reed Show

Dolly Parton (1946): Singer/songwriter

Harvey Hinsley (1948): Guitar, Hot Chocolate

Robert Palmer (1949-2003): Singer/musician

Dewey Bunnell (1951): Singer/musician, America

Addicted To Love
Simply Irresistible
You Sexy Thing
Here You Come Again
I Believe in Love
Horse With No Name
Sister Goldenhair
Me and Bobby McGee
Piece of My Heart
Every Kinda People

Down on Me
Johnny Angel
I Will Always Love You
Ventura Highway


  1. I would request "Coat of Many Colors" - one of the greatest songs ever written.

    And what's up with "Addicted to Love" ? Come on man, get with it ... "Bad Case of Loving You" is where it's at.

  2. I agree with Bad Case tho the video for Addicted to Love with the robotic hotties is pretty hard to top. Put them on for the encore!

  3. Charles: Yes to "Coat of Many Colors" and no to Dolly's plastic surgery...yikes!

    For all you Shelley Fabares Trivia buffs:
    *Formerly married to the venerable music producer Lou Adler who produced not only Jimi Hendrix, Jan & Dean, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but also the award-winning "Care Bears Movie"
    **Currently married to Mike Farrell aka BJ of M*A*S*H fame
    ***Starred in more Elvis films (3)than any other actress
    ****Was knocked out (not up) by Elvis when his "Good Luck Charm" moved "Johnny Angel" out of the #1 record slot in 1962