Saturday, January 16, 2010

Siriusly good

Satellite radio. Woof! Can we make it any more concise than that? I'm returning to a previous blog mention because this subject deserves a proper discussion.

You may have satellite at home. Great. You may have it in your touring vehicle. Awesome. But do you have it at your job? That's where it really needs to be. It'll keep you from going stir crazy. It'll keep you motivated and on track with your workflow and deadlines. It might even keep you awake. Clip this out and bring it to work. Tell your boss to give me a call. I'm Sirius.

If the music is in a communal setting, i.e. piped through speakers vs. earbuds, you need to make sure the dial is set to something you can deal with. Because unless you have the most eclectic set of ears in the universe, somebody will find Station NOBB (Nails On a Blackboard). And that's not good for the pack.

There will be compromises. Headbanger fans will at times need to pretend they're in a coffee shop. Folk fans might have to deal with some reverb. Alternative rockers may need to channel their angst in other ways. Everyone will have to contend with the possibility that when they're taking a lunch or coffee break someone will sneak over and switch to country. With such a wide spectrum and so many choices, it's easy to piss somebody off.

Black Sabbath might torching up the Boneyard while Crosby Stills & Nash are at the Loft and Jay-Z is bringing in the Heat. Where you gonna turn? It's all about compromises.

But it can be nirvana, with or without a capital N.

"All the albums you used to collect, we still play every day," is the way one deejay put it on Classic Vinyl, a popular compromise option on the Sirius dial. "Dancing around on the edge of the cosmos," said another.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


  1. You know, I was about over being homesick until you mentioned The Loft.
    Wonder if it's available online ...