Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sustain this!

It's coming and you won't want to miss it if you're in our neck of the woods:  The Full Moon Festival and Urban Sustainability Fair!

We're all about sustainability -- urban or otherwise -- so count us in.  Now, admittedly, the big draw for us will be the music of Those XCleavers.  These guys are known more for reverb and feedback than sustain, but if someone could figure out how to channel their energy we could pretty much power our next neighborhood block party.

The event is Sept. 24-25 with the Cleavers plugging in Friday at 6 p.m. We love the email that states "this event is FREE except for the band as you know how that goes."

We know how it goes, so we'll be there! It's $5 -- cheap! -- and BYOB to Weber's Greenhouses, 4215 N. Green Bay Ave. There will also be keggers from the Ale House.

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