Monday, September 13, 2010

Hang loose today, Mr. N

Be careful out there today Graham Nash, wherever you are. According to the schedule you're supposed to be in Cleveland on the CSN tour with bandmates David Crosby and Stephen Stills.  So good luck, and God speed!

September 13 has not been kind to Nash.  On this day in 1963, he was checking the door of his touring van to see if it was locked.  It was not. Nash fell out of the vehicle, which was clipping along at 40 mph.  He was unhurt, and the future of the Hollies -- not to mention CSN and even Y -- remained on course.

On this same day in 1999, Nash broke both legs in a boating accident off the coast of Hawaii. He was waylayed for a spell with casts on both legs, but recovered in time for the big CSNY2K tour in 2000.

It's a reminder that we still haven't picked up Nash's 3-CD boxed set Reflections (Rhino), which includes 64 tracks recorded with the Hollies, CSNY, Crosby and of course his solo work. Surrounded by immense talent much of his career, Nash has not always received his due.  But you need only listen to "Our House" or "Teach Your Children" again -- or even "Carousel" from those early Hollies days -- to be reminded of his greatness as an artist and songwriter.

Just don't break a leg tonight, man.

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