Friday, September 3, 2010

R.I.P. Paste

We, um, 'borrowed' this cool graphic.
Paste is past. 

Music and entertainment mags are risky propositions these days.  Somehow Rolling Stone gathers no mas while other pubs bite the dust.  No Depression, now that one hurt more than the others.  It was the pipeline to, and the pulse of, alt-country music (whatever that is, as they put in their mast). 

Paste?  It was a good rag, although we never went as far as to take out a subscription. They had some excellent writer and designers, and they published helpful information, but in the end they probably tried to do too much.  When you attempt to broaden your audience (read: broaden your advertising base) you risk everything. And in the end for these publications to survive they have to stay within their niche.  And maybe that's impossible to do without capturing revenue outside of the niche.  A Catch-22.  Doomed to fail. 

We don't know, we just blog. We aren't beholden to anybody, and that helps us sleep at night.  It doesn't mean we don't mourn the loss of publications that promote music in any way, shape or form.  So goodbye Paste, we'll miss you. And good luck to the people who made it happen. But it's an old song by now to hear that you'll continue to be a presence online.  Many of us here at the Sanctuary are newspaper dinosaurs, man.  Love that ink on paper.

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