Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No flash in the pan

Long ago, it must be ... I have a photograph ...

We found this fuzzy image and it's easy to identify the fellow on the right.  But who were those other guys?

Must have been The Three Flashes.

Long before American Idol there was Ted Mack's Amateur Hour.  And before television there was Major Bowe's Amateur Hour on station WOR.  And on this day in 1935, at the Capitol Theatre in New York City, the Hoboken Four snagged the top prize: a six-month contract to appear on radio and stage.

They couldn't call him Ol' Blue Eyes yet (he was only 19), but Francis Albert Sinatra was on his way. Who WERE those other guys, and what happened to them?  As we look for help click here and listen to the group's recording from the Original Amateur Hour.

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  1. Pretty sure there's a Vinny and a Sal.