Friday, September 17, 2010

For the record

How do you rank the top record stores in America?  There's no way to get this anywhere close to right without visiting every shop from Brooklyn to L.A., from International Falls to New Orleans, and every city, town, village and whistle stop in between. 

Nobody to our knowledge has done that yet, but if you can come up with some grant money we'll get on it today!  Nope, it hasn't been done. Certainly not by Rolling Stone, which teased us this week in its online newsletter with:

The Best Record Stores in the USA: The top 25 spots for unique vinyl and CDs, from San Francisco to Boston

We're happy whenever the spotlight is shined on record stores.  In a declining society where most of the good things are disappearing, it's nice to know there is still the record shop. And that we're paying attention to them.  So any mention is a good mention. And we're happy to report that two of our favorite shops are featured: Electric Fetus in Minneapolis and Vinyl Fever in Tampa.  We're sorry to report, however, that Grimey's in Nashville didn't make the cut. 

Here's a link to the list (it's not a story, but a panel of click-ons, so it's takes time to wade through):

You might have stumbled into one or two of these wonderful emporiums, or maybe one day soon you will.

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  1. As Jim says, it's impossible to survey/visit every record store, but it's easy to find the best record store in Florida: Rock 'n' Roll Heaven in downtown Orlando. Been there since 1977 and worth the time and gas to make a trip at least every other month. It's not Ameoba - what an incredible place - but it's the best of The Rest.