Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watch out for that dance

Do you suppose it's just a coincidence that Los Del Rio made it to No. 1 on the Billboard charts with "Macarena" on the exact same day as Delores Del Rio's birthday?

It's eerie, the things that are uncovered by the crack research crew here at the Sanctuary. Delores, of course, never had the opportunity to dance that dance.  Lucky her!  The dazzling Mexican film star whose credits include Flying Down to Rio lived too early (Aug. 3, 1905 – April 11, 1983) to join the fun.

But she probably could have saved the day and the dance, which became all the rage in 1996.  As one source described Del Rio: "She has better legs than Dietrich and better cheekbones than Garbo."  And she did love to dance.

Green Bay Packers fans were some of the biggest "Macarena" culprits, unleashing pent up energy during their team's Super Bowl run that season. In fact there's a website for the "Packarena," which you can imagine was a huge regional hit in these parts.  Click here if you dare.  With all the Super Bowl chatter already going on here we predict a revival of the wacky song this fall (with updated lyrics that substitute key names like Brett and Reggie who are no more). 

This is no endorsement, but we thought you should know.

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