Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can we survive the I-bomb?

We neglected to mention in yesterday's discussion that John Mellencamp has called the Internet the worst thing since the atomic bomb.  Just google "mellencamp a-bomb" and it's everywhere: Reuters, USA Today, Huffington Post, yahoo.com, techdirt.com, you name it.

It's wonderful to have search engines that provide instant information (the Sanctuary would be even more plodding and ponderous without it) but we think Mellencamp has it right. Now he was talking about the destruction of the music industry, but why stop there?  The problem with the Internet is that it has great value but absolutely no value system.

Here's a sampling of entertainment headlines pulled one afternoon from just one "news" Website.  Far worse than the actual story topics are the inane and often nasty and destructive user comments that follow. Here you go:

Michael Cera Wears Pen On His Face For London Premiere (PHOTO)

Courtney Love FREAKS, Has Twitter Meltdown Over Daughter

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Says 'Retard' On Morning TV

PHOTOS: Pop Singer Smiles Throughout HIV Spreading Trial

WATCH: Jerry O'Connell Talks About His 3D Full Frontal Nude Scene

PHOTO: Montana Fishburne Nearly Nude On Magazine Cover

Brittany Murphy's Mom, Husband Shared Bed

Alexander Skarsgard: No Sock For Nude 'True Blood' Scenes

This apparently is what it takes to generate  web traffic. Scary, isn't it?   We're happy to count the footprints you leave as you pass through our little sandbox here, but we can't say we aren't worried about the bigger picture.

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  1. Well the internet, as well as TV, pretty much.... will and do anything to get better ratings. What parent today isn't terrified of what their children might see or hear using either of of those divises. You know, it's sad that our society has gotten away from good moral values, like the people from our generation grew up having these values. Do we really need to have everyones dirty laundry out there for millions to see. Same thing when u stand in the grocery line, and look at the tabloid magazines, People magizine, it's really discusting I think...Most of them I could give a rats ass what they do, but it's there for everyone to see.
    Our young children of today are exposed to that.....It's sad....they are also hooked on their computer...playing blood and guts games, and who knows what????? When we were that age we were having fun, playing, going to sporting events, dancing, just being all American kids, but then that was a whole different generation wasn't it?