Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now that is one shapely guitar

Sexiest album covers?  We didn't think we'd ever go there. What's in it for us?

We've been perfectly happy ogling Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights through the years, even knowing it was shaving cream that covered model Dolores Erickson. That enticing classic from 1966 did make the Top 25 sexiest album covers on detroit.metromix.com.

But we feel a bit queasy even mentioning a list that includes images of Usher, Prince, Morrissey and Jim Morrison.  Even the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers cover made the grade.

The hook to this conversation is the new album out today from Katy Perry which features her floating naked on a cloud of cotton candy. We were going to show you that one until we spotted this image of Liz Phair from her 2003 self-titled release. Would you take a look at that guitar!!! Somewhere we read that the Fender Duo-Sonic is a nice fit for Phair's low-fi rock sound, and this image seems to confirm it.

Apparently the music on Phair's fourth album was forgettable, actually "stunningly mediocre" if you believe the type that accompanies the image. But that's not what this list is about. So if we were forced to vote, this cover might be the one. 
You can view the Top 25 and decide for yourself by clicking on this link:



  1. No Carley Simon? No Roxy Music? No!

  2. Actually, Lucinda Williams leaning against that white brick wall kinda did it for me ...