Monday, August 9, 2010

Bobble to the music of the Dead

Here it is: The cool new limited edition Jerry Garcia Bobblehead that will be given out at tonight's Giants-Cubs game in San Francisco.  

Through the wonders of eBay you no longer have to buy a baseball ticket, travel to the stadium and pay for parking. We've seen these priced online for $40-70.  Some eBay vendors are even throwing in a ticket stub from the game -- but only if you request one. Fans who make it to the stadium have the bonus of hearing Grateful Dead tribute bands perform. 

The Giants are celebrating the life and times of the San Francisco native and legendary jam guitarist on the anniversary of his death (he would have turned 68 on August 1).  We have to admit the Jerry Garcia Bobble is more "lifelike" than many of the dolls we've seen.  The hair, beard and mustache are much nicer than the cheesy mustache they put on Brewers Hall of Famer Robin Yount's doll recently.

By comparison the Italian Sausage Bobblehead that was given out Sunday at Miller Park is selling today on eBay for only $10-20. Now what's that all about?


  1. Hearing Dead tribute bands is a "bonus"?

  2. Nothing againest Jerry Garcia......but a booble head???? come on.......
    Booble heads are stupid....I wouldn't give someone 2cents for one. I remember years back when people used to put them in the back of their car window...usually dogs, or some kinda animal... they were dumb then....dumber now.
    Hearing the music as a tribute...much better, and I'm sure Jerry would