Monday, August 2, 2010

Farm Aid's coming to Milwaukee

“Just as rock 'n' roll is loud and proud, so is Farm Aid. Farm Aid's greatest accomplishment, I believe, is in the spirit. It's the fact that we represent the spirit of the good fight, to keep something good happening. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger....”

Thank you Neil Young, for channeling that spirit, and thank you Farm Aid for scheduling your 25th anniversary at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

Somehow the event had made it this long without landing in America's Dairyland. It began in 1985 at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois and has crisscrossed the country playing mostly outdoor stadiums and ampitheaters.

Click here for today's live press conference (11 a.m. CDT) announcing details and performers. We've heard that Young will be appearing along with fellow organizers and mainstays Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews,  so we're good to go already. But who else will be coming to Milwaukee on Oct. 2?


  1. me....I'll be coming to Miwaukee October 2nd!!!!!My great friend who is like a daughter to me just informed me that she is gonna get tickets, they go on sale August 14, she said...what are u doing Oct 2nd I said." it's my birthday", she said I know. I'm gettin us tickets, my treat as a present. I think it will be a blast!!!!Be a great birthday bash...woo hoo!!!!It will be a birthday weekend...Also hope I get to spend it with a special guy.

  2. FYI.....Peter Frampton is coming to Music on the Lake at George Williams college in Lake Geneva,WI August 14th. It is a sold out concert. I just so happen to know someone who works there and she's gettin me in for Free....Can't wait...."Do you...DO Feel like I do"....and ya I will be a singin and a dancin.