Saturday, April 24, 2010

When the rain rolls in

The national weather forecast was blaring on the TV this morning at my sister's house and it looks like a rough day across the South, if we understand the graphic which declares:

Multiple Convective Episodes Expected

Damn, that sounds scary! It's only raining here in Whitehall. I guess we're lucky.  And that's the way you have to approach the weather.  As a wise (ass) old farmer once muttered on a street corner in Whitehall:  "There's always a fifty perchant of rain. Either it's gonna, or it ain't."

Well it's gonna here, it already is, and thankfully we've still got Eilen Jewell in our head from last night's drive. Jewell's "Rain Roll In" from her Sea of Tears album could easily become a favorite for days like this.

The song has a decidedly fatalistic bent, but if we wait too long to confront our mortality we'll totally miss the event.  Maybe the trick is to avoid making it a confrontation.  Whatever the case, there'll be no trees cleared on Jiminy Spruce Acres today.  And that's just fine with us.

Let's just listen to the rain roll in
I don't think we've gotta do nothing
The years roll on and before too long
Even the very last one is gone

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