Friday, April 30, 2010

High Tide and Green Grass forever

We take requests.  Especially when they're good ones.  We were sliding a few dollars in a tavern jukebox the other night when a voice suggested: "Play some old Stones."

Happy to oblige.  Before long the joint was jumping to "19th Nervous Breakdown," "Satisfaction" and "Get Off My Cloud."  And we were reminded once again of the Stones' incredible transformational powers.

A good night on the town becomes memorable, like moving up from High Life to Spotted Cow, or Cluny to Dewar's. You stop missing easy shots and start shooting pool like Tom Cruise in "The Color of Money." Eight ball, side pocket. Rack 'em up.

And the hits keep coming now that we've got Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) in the player.  Released in 1966 betweeen Aftermath and Between the Buttons, Big Hits was the Stones' first compilation album.  Back then we thought it was the just about the best thing that had ever come down the pike.  It stayed on the Billboard albums chart for two years, climbing as high as No. 3.  (We weren't aware that a UK issue included the Stones' first single, Chuck Berry's "Come On," as well as Willie Dixon's "Little Red Rooster" or we would've tracked that down as well.)

Slip this in the player on your next road trip and you won't need to look for a Starbucks drivethrough.


  1. One of my missions in life is to get a statue of Keef outside the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, where he wrote "Satisfaction."

    Maybe the Scientologists will even pay for it since they own the place now.

  2. How can a person NOT enjoy ones self to the sound of the Stones.