Friday, April 2, 2010

Catch you on the flip side

...and all your kicks ain't bringin' you peace of mind
Before you find out it's too late, girl
You better get straight
No, but not with kicks...

How's that for continuation?  Yesterday's conversation stirred up some memories and after last night's magic carpet ride, well, why not polish off the thought.

Paul Revere and the Raiders.  How'd they do it?  Not the music, which was grand, but the costumes? Did they really wear those get-ups for every live performance?  Revolutionary! Our three-cornered hat's off to 'em.  I guess you could say they were a properly dressed response to the British Invasion, although some folks might have believed they were from across the pond and not the Great Northwest.

The Raiders made their presence felt in 1965 with "Steppin' Out." A year later their grease-the-skids rock was burnished forever in our brains with three memorable singles including the aforementioned "Kicks," which made it to No. 4.  "Hungry" (No. 6) and "Good Thing" (No. 4) were the others. By the end of the decade they had scored nine top 20 hits, but no No. 1s.

Turned out the quirky "Cherokee Reservation" in 1971 was their only chart-topper.  It was also the band's last Top 20 single.  Not a band run, though, and when it was over "Kicks" in our minds stood above the rest, and not at all because of the cautionary tale of drug use.

Girl, you thought you found the answer on that magic carpet ride last night
But when you wake up in the mornin' the world still gets you uptight
Well, there's nothin' that you ain't tried
To fill the emptiness inside
But when you come back down, girl
Still ain't feelin' right...

Now where's Bass Solsrud to fill us in on some of the flip sides, which were memorable as well...

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