Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here comes Peter ... wait!

We followed several bunny paths yesterday in our search for a fitting Easter photo and this is the best we could do.  This little critter poked his head out of a hiding spot long enough to snag a nut that was left for him.  (Click on photo for best view.) Robins get all the credit for announcing the arrival of spring, but chipmunks serve the same purpose -- and they're a lot cuter.  Happy Easter! Keep a song in your heart no matter which path you're headed down...


  1. Chipmunks cute? I beg to differ. In our bag yard, it's all out war against munks and wabbits. If you want, I can pass along some tips that have proven sort of successful.

  2. Looks like a gila monster to me.

  3. Yeah you mean like ....Target practice....I hate those pesky wabbits!!!!!!! For all you bunny huggers sorry, don't have much use for them, especially when they used to eat up all my flowers, and munks look like striped rats!!!!