Monday, April 12, 2010

Have a heart

Related to yesterday's discussion about A Minor (Assisting Musicians In Need Of Resources): There's a company doing just the sort of cool stuff we should have envisioned years ago, and it's helping many artists achieve their record-producing goals and dreams.

It's called Pledge Music and here's how it works: The artist or group asks people -- friends, family, fans -- for donations to help them get their music produced. Pledge Music hosts the project and collects 15 percent for turning it into reality, which seems a fair fee. As the website explains:

In effect, you as the fan become the record label the band or solo artist is recording for. You help fund their record and if they don’t reach their pledge target you won’t get charged a cent.  In exchange for your early involvement, you will get the music the moment the recording and mastering is finished. Additionally, if you wish to contribute a little bit more, Pledge Music artists also offer you a range of incentives, ranging from signed merchandise to special events with the band members and in some cases personal involvement in the release process.

For example, if you want to help Nashville songwriter Carey Ott produce his album Human Heart -- and we all do! -- here are just a few of your options:
Album download, $10
Hot off the press CD, $15
Signed CD, $20
Handwritten lyric sheet and signed CD, $60
Your name in the credits and CD, $125
Voice or guitar lesson, $225
House party gig with Carey, $1,000

If you live in or around Nashville Carey will even shampoo your pet ($150, CD) or mow your lawn ($175, CD). It's also worth noting that Carey is donating 10 percent of all funds to the non-profit Bread for the World.  Here's a link to his pledge page, including a song he wrote just for you:

Why not get involved on the front end where you can really make a difference.

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