Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vinyl fever -- catch it today!

Did you remember today is National Record Store Day?

Zachman and I are headed to Vinyl Fever in Tampa ("Best of the Bay Since 1981") to snag a few CDs and check out the scene. Somebody mentioned free beer and pizza, and the Austin indie band New Roman Times will be playing in advance of their CD release party tonight at the New World Brewery in Ybor City. There will be goody bag giveaways and all sorts of exclusive new releases pegged to this event. It should be, like, cwazy.

We'll also be bringing a donation of canned goods for America's Second Harvest of Tampa Bay, and we hope we DON'T win a Stanton turntable in the raffle because, well, that would force us to rethink our plan and concentrate on classic vinyl and new 7" releases -- a dangerous change in strategy.

It'll be great to re-visit the chaos of a bustling record store, where something calls to you from every nook and corner of the shop -- the newest releases, classic album dust covers, concert posters, crazy T-shirts, stupid buttons and the ever-inviting used bins, where hidden treasures lurk.

My last visit to Grimey's New and Preloved Music I had such an impressive stack at the checkout counter that one of the appreciative co-owners added a free store T-shirt to my pile. Then I turned back to look for Lori, my music maven niece and Nashville tour guide, who was laden with more stash than me. They must smile when they see us coming.

Nobody said it would be easy today for me and my trusty wing man. All we can promise is we'll give it our best shot, and let the platters fall where they may.

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