Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a taxing situation

One of few beneficial offshoots for the gainfully unemployed: The federal government isn't going to hurt you as much as in previous years. Now don't get me wrong. I'd rather have a good-paying job with benefits and take my chances with the IRS, but you look for a silver lining wherever you can find it.

As for how to commemorate this dreaded tax deadline day in song, the Beatles' "Taxman'' traditionally gets a boost in play on April 15. (H&R Block even used it in commercials a few years ago.) "Taxman'' appears on the 1966 Revolver album and shows the lads in full experimentation, with George Harrison writing the lyrics to the song and Paul providing some biting guitar licks (a rare combination indeed).

But today I have an itch for some bluesy guitar, so I'm opting for Robert Cray's "1040 Blues'' from his Shame + a Sin album.

Worried, you betcha ya'
Discouraged I don't know
Every time I see a 1040
Out of my pocket it goes
I hate taxes...

Now don't forget to file for that extension.

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