Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The envelope, please

Tonight American Idol viewers were treated to a performance by Lady Gaga, whom host Ryan Seacrest described as an artist who is "pushing the pop culture envelope."  That dude gets to read all the clever lines!

We decided to duck in because we had missed the previous two competition nights and wanted to see how the Sanctuary's early predictions were panning out.  (Also, the Brewers are on the West Coast so we wouldn't need to miss any of the game.)  Back on March 24 this was the SSS Top 5:

1. Crystal Bowersox; 2. Big Mike Lynche; 3. Casey James; 4. Katie Stevens; 5. Lee Dewyze

Cross off Katie, who was eliminated a few weeks ago, and you have the Idol Top 4 now that Aaron Kelly (our No. 6) has finally, mercifully, been sent home. So we had four of the Top 5 five weeks ago. This is no Idol boast; we admitted the pickings were easy and it would be just a matter of time before Crystal and Big Mike duked it out for the title.  Casey will be the next to fall, and then it will become interesting to see if sneaky Lee Dewyze can mess it up for the contenders.

If viewers can just make it through next week's Songs of the Cinema, which sounds very much like another dreadful night of karaoke.

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