Sunday, May 2, 2010

Have swig with Nig

Even for "All the Gold in California" we're probably not going make it to the Crystal Grand Theater in Wisconsin Dells on May 15 to see Larry Gatlin.

Nothing against Larry, who's had a fine career as a Grammy Award-winning country crooner. We think we might even have an old album somewhere signed by members of the Gatlin Brothers Band circa 1980, a bit of graft obtained at a professional golf tournament gala in Florida.

We saw tickets going for $370 on the secondary market, and that just can't be right. To see Gatlin perform in Wisconsin's famous tourist trap? If you haven't visited the Dells before think of Gatlinburg, Tennessee (say shouldn't he be performing there?) without the Great Smoky Mountains. The Dells has its own natural beauty; it's just that they've built up the place so much it's impossible to get through there without a major hassle.  Can't see the forest for the water slides, so to speak.  But millions love the place, and it is easy enough to stay on I-94 avoid the slides, souvenir stores and fudge shops if that's not your bag.

We do promise the next time through to stop at Nig's Bar and hoist a shot of Cuervo for Larry and other members of today's Birthday Band.  You can get a taste by going to

Link Wray (1929-2005): Guitarist, composer
Rumble, Raw Hide, Jack the Ripper

Engelbert Humperdinck (1936): Singer
After The Lovin’, Release Me, There Goes My Everything, The Last Waltz

Goldy McJohn (1945): Organ, Steppenwolf
Born to be Wild, The Pusher, Magic Carpet Ride, Rock Me

Leslie Gore (1946): Singer
It’s My Party, Judy’s Turn to Cry, She’s a Fool, Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
Larry Gatlin (1948): Singer
Broken Lady, I Don’t Wanna Cry, Houston (I’m Comin’ to See You), All the Gold in California

Lou Gramm (1950): Singer, Foreigner
Feels like the First Time, Cold as Ice, Double Vision, Hot Blooded, Blue Morning Blue Day

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  1. As I recall, this is a "return trip" of sorts for the author who spent the first year out of high school working in the tourist trade; with a few others of us. Back then Nigs wouldn't let us in.