Friday, May 14, 2010

A guy stops by with his CD...

Tom Lesions stopped by yesterday afternoon to drop off his new CD.  We love it. And we wished while we were drinking those Miller High Lifes that it had been later in the day because there ain't nothin', if you can believe his song, like "Drinkin' in the Dark."

Late at night when I get home
Sit it down no need to roam
Come on in turn off the lights
Yeah me myself and I

Everyone has gone to bed
But I'd rather stay up instead
A restless man and a lonesome heart
I'm drinkin' in the dark

How can we not love an album titled "me, my songs ... & BEER?"  These are great songs from Tommy's days with the XCleavers, who reunited recently at Shank Hall in Milwaukee for a riotous evening we captured right here.  This album is just Tommy, his Washburn D10N acoustic and an occasional Rhythm Frog, Shakey Egg and assorted beer caps and bottles.

We're giving a good ol' Six String Sanctuary boost to the disc, which is receiving airplay on one of the local stations. This is stripped down punk that hasn't lost its beat or backbone.  Nobody has ever come up with a good description for XCleavers music, so let's just call this version alt-folk-punk-reggae and leave it at that.

Meanwhile, somebody posted a video from the Shank performance that suffers in audio quality and doesn't quite capture the spirt of the night. We'll share it here anyway. Kind of like drinking High Life in broad daylight.

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