Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When slacker meets island, nothing has to give


After all these years the word finally has true meaning.

Even at first light this is a fine Pacific Ocean view Zach has put us on.  And although he is already off to Ford Island in his sharp NWUs (Navy Working Uniform), he has left his Breedlove acoustic out for some easy picking.  No need to scramble over to Diamondhead or some other exotic locale.  There is plenty to see and ponder right here from our balcony, and an ocean just a short trail walk below.

The first thing you notice about Hawaii -- after the breath-taking scenery and views -- is the birds.  They must be very happy to be chirping and singing like they do. That is a good sign. We are listening to them now, and they seem to be saying: Don't rush out and be a tourist like so many others; let the day come to you.

At least that's what I heard.

The Kona beer of last night is being replaced by the Kona coffee of early morning.  It is an easy cycle to fall into. Maybe we'll tune down the strings of the Breedlove and play a little Hawaiian slack key music today.  Who says we don't have ambition?

To join us in spirit click here and listen to the music. Mahalo, mahalo very much...


  1. Maka laka hai
    Maka heinie ho.

  2. The sounds of the islands sounds so relaxing, hope you are as well.