Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sanctuary goes Idol

We won't call it nonsense because so many people still watch American Idol. We tuned in the last two nights because:

1) my TV isn't picking up the conference basketball tournaments
2) curious about the dynamics with Ellen Degeneres as a judge
3) a responsibility to review musical talent on horizon
4) couldn't find reruns of Ted Mack Amateur Hour
5) scraping bottom for quick blog

OK, so here's what we learned, in two thoughtful minutes: We can officially declare Ray Lamontagne mainstream now that an Idol contestant has performed "Trouble." ... Simon is being very nice, maybe too nice, in his final season. ... Ellen fits in nicely, but was that really the reason to replace Paula Abdul with her? She actually went on stage and hugged a contestant last night!!! Where's our drunken sailor or wise cracker to keep things loose? (We suppose Betty White is too old for this audience, but she would have been our pick.) ... They whittle it down to the final 12 tonight, but we can do way better than that after seeing each singer just once.

Your finalists will be: Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche. Now don't forget to tell everyone you read it here first...


  1. I watch it because it's one of the few things a parent can watch with an 11-year-old.

    Agree with your predictions. Big Mike is from St. Pete btw.

    I actually voted the other night for the first time - I thought it was cool that a girl played a Wurlitzer piano and sang Carole King and I felt sorry for her after the judges tore her apart.

  2. My three votes didn't help. Girl got the boot.