Saturday, March 13, 2010

She took my Joy; I want it back

Today's confession: I think about Lucinda Williams every day. At least her song "Joy" from Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which many people consider her "breakout" album. You might think of her too if you're scrubbing with my bar of soap.

I actually had a pre-scrub thought this morning and immediately went to her website, thinking: a sonic message is tipping me off to a tour date. Maybe she's in the area this weekend. No such luck. Here's what is posted:

No Shows Are Currently Scheduled

And don't expect one any time soon. Last fall, in the process of finding a new job, relocating to Milwaukee and generally rearranging my life, I missed her tour. The 30th Anniversary Tour.

I dug through through my CDs and, surprisingly, found her most recent album Little Honey. It's playing now. Lucinda has a terrific catalog of music and this album keeps moving toward the top with every listen. It's good enough to declare this Lucinda Weekend. Throw something on if you can find it. I've gotta go scrub up for the day ahead...

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