Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You didn't hear it here, but ...

We wondered what it's like watching American Idol for the hearing impaired, so we took one for the team last night. We watched most of the show with the sound turned down. Interesting!

This had nothing to do with the fact that we were in a bar where they grudgingly agreed to put the show on one screen but then refused to provide the audio, even after we bribed a small girl with a sad face to plead for some sound. The cold-hearted manager wouldn't even punch up the close-captioned so we could "watch" the judges rant.

Turns out we didn't miss much. Well, except for another great performance by front runner Crystal Bowersox. She might not win this thing but she's the best reason to keep watching. Click below and see for yourself.

Didi and Aaron aren't much better without the audio. Siobhan, at least we didn't have to hear her scream. (Some folks apparently still consider her a contender.) Lee Dewyze, our darkhorse, apparently made some strides, as did Andrew Garcia. And Big Mike Lynche is still very much in the hunt. At least that's the chatter this morning. 

But the show at this stage of the season is about who's leaving on Crystal's "Midnight Train to Georgia," and after very thoughtful visual review we figure it's probably going to be ... Didi, with Katie, Tim and Aaron tumbling after.

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  1. You had to be there right????? This has got to be a first for you, Idol with no
    I guess there is always a first time for everything.