Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(Almost) saved by a twangy guitar

At least the music rocked.

Did you watch the New Old Jay Leno last night? I was watching, curious as the rest of you who tuned in. (It doesn't take nearly the commitment or staying power living on Central Time.) And it provided the best evidence yet to support the Sanctuary's belief that the music -- at least if it's good -- needs to come out sooner. Last night it could've saved the show. Well, maybe not save it ...

Jay needs to learn how to shred a script the way Brad Paisley shreds a guitar. He had two weeks to write his own jokes and skits, or at least decide which ones are funny and stick with those. And maybe they should start stocking some booze and mixers in the NBC Commissary. Not even Jamie Foxx could get that limp crowd going.

It took Paisley's final flourish on "American Saturday Night" to really get the audience going, and by then the show was over. Man that guy can play. I'm pretty sure he broke at least one string during his sizzling finale.

What do you think? Give Paisley the monologue and let his Telecaster do the talking? I'd watch that every night.

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