Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He's still got game

How cool is this? You can go to Bruce Springsteen's website and check out the set lists from his current tour -- presumably scrawled by the Boss himself.

This set list is from the Sept. 12 concert at Ford Ampitheatre in Tampa. He opened his 20-song set with "Bandlands'' and closed with "Born to Run'', then returned for a six-song encore, finally ending the sweat-drenched night with "Thunder Road'' -- one more than planned.

I didn't make that concert and probably will miss this tour altogether, with regrets. The ageless rocker -- he turned 60 yesterday -- is currently resting up for five shows at Giants Stadium and four in Philly spaced over three weeks, which might well provide the concert highlights of the year.

I saw my first Springsteen concert at the Lakeland Civic Center in the late Seventies, and most recently caught him at the Times Forum in Tampa. We might have bitten off more than we could chew that Sunday, attending a Packers-Bucs game at Raymond James Stadium and then grabbing a cab downtown to see the Boss.

On paper that may sound like a dream entertainment package. But we questioned the wisdom of doing both after watching the Packers wilt in the fourth quarter under the torrid Florida sun, then showing up shellshocked for our nosebleed seats at the Forum.

There's no such thing as a bad Springsteen concert -- the Boss always delivers. So, upon reflection we can only blame ourselves. And Brett Favre.

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  1. Not everyone in your merry band that day was pulling for the Packers, remember.
    For some of us (OK, one of us), it was a most enjoyable football game. And the prime seats at the stadium -- 50 yard line, 4th row? -- more than made up for the nosebleeds at the concert.
    And all this time i thought it was all that beer we consumed that made the Boss appear so blurry -- didn't realize it was because we had bad seats!