Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer strummers

Sweet days of summer
The jasmine's in bloom
July is dressed up
And playing her tune

Whatever became of June, and for that matter, Seals & Crofts?  Our favorite month is officially shot in the keister. If you're feeling cheated, join the band.  We never had spring up here in the hinterlands, and summer is blowing past like a C.C. Sabathia fastball (striking out 13 Brewers yesterday, now that's cruel!)

OK, you can tell we have nothing today. Except ... what really did happen to Seals & Crofts? They would have been the perfect accompaniment to Summerfest, where 700 bands are sharing 11 stages over 11 days.  It really is the world's largest music festival, and we'll be there before it's over. But no Seals & Crofts. 

"Summer Breeze" really did make us feel fine, so fine that we're posting a video to help break in July on a mellow, groovy note. Now if we could just transport back to 1972 ...

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Seals & Crofts are (is?) on my list of top 5 makers of summer music makers. (Right up there with the Cars and ... ok, Buffett, Jimmy ... and ... anyway ... ). I used to own round black vinyl things of their (its?) music. I think the vinyl things have since been sold at a yard sale. Speaking of vinyl things, that is how I have a copy of Guitar Town. I must drag it out and listen to it again. Because I still have it on vinyl. And I still own a turntable. (So jealous you get to seem him this month.)