Saturday, July 2, 2011

Feel like we do

A poster promoting Day
on the Green, one of many
concerts at Oakland Coliseum.
You've noticed that icon on the top right corner of our page for Wolfgang's Vault?  We hope you've been curious enough to click on it, because it'll take you places.  Places like ...

Oakland Coliseum, two days before the Fourth of July, 1977.  Promoter Bill Graham presents Day on the Green No. 4, featuring Peter Frampton, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws.  The stadium is packed to the gills, it's been 10 years since the Summer of Love blossomed on the Left Coast but there are still plenty of hippies and longhairs -- and bikini-clad worshippers -- grooving on the big stadium concerts.   As fireworks explode in the sky Frampton steps up to the mic and performs "Baby I Love Your Way."

You can relive moments from that memorable concert -- and watch hundreds of other vintage performances -- by simply visiting the Vault.  We've never received much positive feedback when referencing Frampton, but watch the setup to "Do You Feel Like We Do" -- a meandering love fest that tracks for 24 minutes, 14 seconds -- and witness the artist's complete mastery of his audience. It's something to behold.  Here's a direct link:

It's a reminder that music can make any day, but especially a warm summer day that folds into a promising Fourth of July weekend. Better get out there and find something real ...

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  1. Anybody who was in Humble Pie can't be all bad.