Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 cheers for beers

According to a new Gallup Poll the popularity of beer is at a record low.  Now you certainly wouldn't agree with the pollsters if you spent any time on a bar stool at Walter's on North in Wauwatosa, where the luminaries and cognoscentes of our fine community meet regularly to discuss topics of great interest. And to drain kegs and kegs of beer.

Positioned on our perches at Walter's we discuss the budget crisis, consider the plight of teachers, fret about Rickie Weeks' ankle injury and celebrate with great anticipation another Super Bowl run by our beloved Packers. But worry about the future of beer? Trust us, it's in good hands. Every day at Walter's is a celebration of what made Milwaukee famous.

So Gallup this: 10 of our favorite beer gulping songs (sorry, this is confined to BEER music):

1. There's a Tear in My Beer, Hank Williams
2. Beer Barrel Polka, Frankie Yankovic
3. What's Made Milwaukee Famous, Jerry Lee Lewis
4. Pop a Top, Alan Jackson
5. (Lookin' For) The Heart of Saturday Night, Tom Waits *
6. Red Necks, White Sox and Blue Ribbon Beer, Stonewall Jackson
7. A Six Pack to Go, Hank Thompson
8. In Heaven There is No Beer, Polkaholics
9. A Couple of Beers Ago, Dale Watson
10. I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs, Johnny Cash

* Since he was "cruisin' with six" it's obvious what was being consumed in that Oldsmobile

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