Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six strings for your soul

We notice the video we posted recently of a Cher-Gregg Allman duet has been removed for copyright reasons. C'mon, it wasn't THAT bad.

Well fine, go ahead and take 'em down and we'll just keep putting 'em up.  But keep your hands off the video we're linking you to this morning of brother Allman. This one deserves to live forever on YouTube and wherever they're posting 100 years from now.

When we consider Gregg's musical (as opposed to marriage) repertoire we don't often think about his deft moves on a six-string guitar. His brother Duane, after all, was legendary in that regard and it has always been Gregg's remarkable voice and keyboard prowess that defined his contributions in the Allman Brothers Band and most of his solo work. But Gregg picked up a guitar first as a kid, and he learned how to play it, too.

Your prize for making it through another week: Sit back and watch/listen to this video of "Come and Go Blues." If you're a guitar player it will inspire you to explore some alternate tunings, in this case DGDGBD.  If you're just a friend of warm, bluesy acoustic music that can bend your soul, why not grab a cup o' joe and get that groove on now.

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