Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a piece of ...

If Frank Sinatra would've had his way -- wait, didn't Frankie always do it his way? -- he never would have recorded "Strangers in the Night." And maybe "Paperback Writer" would have spent another week atop the Billboard chart in that sizzling musical summer of 1966.

Sinatra HATED the Croatian song that Bert Kaempfert had retooled as an instrumental for the movie A Man Could Get Killed. Sinatra not only despised the music and lyrics that were brought to him, he was bothered by the session guitarist who kept staring at him during the recording session.

The guitarist was none other than Glen Campbell, who recalled in a 2008 interview:  "Frank asked (producer) Jimmy Bowen, 'Who's the fag guitarist over there?' I told him I'd slap him if he said that again."  (A year later nobody was pimping Campbell after he rose to stardom himself, beginning with the immensely popular "Gentle on My Mind.")

Sinatra's "scooby dooby doo" ending on "Strangers in the Night"? It was a dismissive ad-lib.  When the record vaulted to the top of the chart that summer -- overtaking rock gems like "Paint It Black" and "Paperback Writer" -- the artist probably viewed adoring fans as gullible suckers. After all, he had called the song that would become his first pop No. 1 in 11 years "a piece of shit."

Now how's that for showing gratitude?

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  1. My 26 year-old daughter loved Sinatra music in her college years ('03 to '07). To that point I'd thought I'd raised her right.