Friday, June 24, 2011

Elvis interruptus

Markers don't lie: The spot in Madison, Wisconsin
where Elvis showed up to save the day in 1977.
The Elvis Information Network devoted 7,338 words to the retelling of this story, but until yesterday we weren't even aware -- even though it happened just a short drive down the freeway.

On this day in 1977 Elvis was riding in his limo in Madison, Wisconsin when he saw two teenagers whupping up on a younger kid outside a gas station. According to a police detective who witnessed the event, Elvis jumped out and challenged the teens, yelling "I'll take you on!"

The startled punks "looked up at him, froze in mid-punch and the victim ran into the gas station." Having saved the day and possibly a few of the kid's teeth, Elvis got back in the limo and headed to his room at the Sheraton.

For the unabridged story, click this link:

Just 53 days after his Good Samaritan deed the King of Rock 'n' Roll would be dead, a fact that may or may not be mentioned in those 7,338 words.

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