Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Tallstrom is no bum

We exist here at the Sanctuary to inspire you, so here you go.

You will recognize soon enough that this is not Strumbum playing "Forever Young."  For one thing, Strumbum does not use a thumb pick. Secondly, his collection of acoustic guitars, while impressive, does not include a Loef.  And when it comes to actually playing the instrument, well, we might as well come clean now.

This is Martin Tallstrom, and we didn't know about him before yesterday. Our bad, because this guy can really play.  He plays so well that if you are prone to banging around on a guitar you might, after watching this exquisite sampling, decide to either a) practice harder or b) quit playing altogether.

We challenge you to be inspired.


  1. Ok, I'm a hack. I'll hang it up.

  2. NAILING IT! Been polishing it up for two weeks now.....need two more to finish.Tricky.......! DYNAMICS!