Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gershwin Award concert on PBS

Those of you who receive alerts when we post at the Sanctuary need to spring into action. Wish we had known about this sooner: We're watching a broadcast of the Gershwin Award concert at the White House right now and hope you can still catch a bit of it.

Paul McCartney Gershwin Award Concert Airs On PBS Tonight « 104.3 WOMC

If you missed it, check the PBS broadcast schedule in your area for repeats.

Jack White, Elvis Costello, the Jonas Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Herbie Hancock and others joined Paul McCartney at President Obama's pad. Dave Grohl just tore it up with "Band on the Run."

Really fabulous stuff.


  1. Saw it, almost by accident. Wonderful show. Loved Paul McCartney singing "Michele" to the president's wife. Dave Grohl was amazing with Band on the Run. Gotta see that guy live (top of my to-do list). Paul and Stevie singing Ebony and Ivory never had such resonance.

    Very jealous of the Obamas. Hail the Gershwin awards!

  2. Seen it, was good until....Obama came on