Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music for the troubled Gulf

It's a big night ahead for Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars. We've always said that when all else fails an accordian might very well save the day.

So Roddie and his zydeco band have the Sanctuary's long-distance emotional support when they take the makeshift stage on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  You've got to fight this Gulf oil spill any way you can, and music -- free music! -- can't be a bad deal for those who have been pinched by the disaster. 

It was Jimmy Buffett's idea really, and he is the headliner you can expect to see on CMT's 90-minute broadcast. Sonny Landreth and Allen Toussaint are also expected to perform along with Romero's Hub City gang, and you might catch them on Radio Margaritaville's simulcast. (Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown had to bow out of the rescheduled event because of other commitments.)

According to organizers 35,000 tickets have been distributed, and if they're being honest they're probably expecting thousands more to try find a way to the show.  You don't want to be anywhere near Highway 59 if you don't have one of those ducats. This is going make the Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival look like a family reunion.

We all know how music has the power to heal. It might not cap the well or make the oil go away, but this musical respite could be just the mojo needed to turn the mess around. We love our Gulf, so here's hoping...


  1. 來給你加油,幫你推一下喔~期待你的下一個更新,謝謝..................................................................

  2. Life is a song, and Love is the music
    What better way to get people to join together for a cause..... than a few music legends to do a benifit for a worthy cause such as the oil spill or anything else. Hat's off to all of them who care, and it's not all about makin money for themselves, but showing they are real people who care. I applaud them all!!