Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our favorite squeeze

You know what they say about marijuana leading to more dangerous drugs? Well, it happened to Frank Yankovic, America's Polka King.  Only it wasn't pot, heavens no!  Young Frankie got hooked on something far more dangerous than the evil weed: He fell into the clutches of the button box.

And before you could belt out the first verse of  "Who Stole the Keeshka" he was sneaking off to the garage to experiment with a piano accordian.You see, his father didn't approve of the accordian, believing Frank would never make a living playing the contraption.  Thirty million records later, you could say the son proved his old man wrong.

What better artist to front today's Birthday Band than Frank Yankovic, who has kept our feet stomping for years to standards like "Just Because," "Blue Skirt Waltz" and everyone's favorite, "The Beer Barrel Polka."

Miller Brewing has come up with the Vortex Bottle, presumably to help us drain our Lites.  But that's hardly necessary as long as Frankie's playing on the juke box. Na zdravje!

Frank Yankovic (1915-1998): Bandleader/accordian
Just Because, Blue Skirt Waltz, Beer Barrel Polka

George Cummings (1938): Guitar, Dr. Hook
Sylvia’s Mother, The Cover of Rolling Stone, Sexy Eyes

Rick Wright (1943-2008): Keyboards, Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon album

Peter Doyle (1949): Singer, New Seekers
Never Ending Song of Love, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

Simon Kirke (1949): Drums, Free/Bad Company
All Right Now, Ready for Love, Feel Like Makin’ Love

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  1. I long argued that if 420 was a "gateway
    drug," then by logical extension, so is
    mother's milk. I indulged in both, at
    different times in my life, and neither
    led to ... ah ... um, none of that caused
    ... it was, well reallyiywasn't. I, it, ah
    I was gonna, the pot thing ... ohnevermind.